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Training Room Furniture and Tables

Tables for Every Office Need

Ofconcepts has all areas of your business covered in terms of meeting tables. From the boardroom to the training room and even the mailroom we offer many affordable, practical and sensible training table solutions. With our factory direct source our pricing will beat many office furniture outlets on training tables, meeting tables and other office furniture used in your businesses training process. Here at Ofconcepts we cater to your needs whether you are a start up company that needs a few pieces of furniture or a well-established company with dedicated training areas and precise needs in your designated training space. Ofconcepts is the ideal stop where we will make all of your office furniture needs our top priority.

Flipper Tables

Flipper Tables

Balt Flipper Tables are a Value-Priced Training Table Option
Split Level Training Tables

Split Level Training Tables

Balt Split Level Training Tables are ideal for Education Applications
Balt Table Collection
Balt offers a wide variety of tables in different shapes and sizes. The Brawny and E.Eazy Series are just two of the many collections they offer.


The new Flip-N-Go line of business office furniture is designed especially for training and meeting purposes. The Flip-n-go line is one of Mayline's fastest up and coming lines of training and meeting tables. A major benefit of the design is that many of the pieces are made for offices that need versatility in their meeting tables as well as to option to move the furniture to different areas and configure in different ways. The surfaces of the Flip-n-Go line can be effortlessly flipped to a vertical position. This allows multiple tables to nest together in a more compact storage space. With a simple release of a lever, the surfaces return to working position and are ready to be rolled back into action. In tandem with either conference table chairs or swivel desk chairs, the Flip-n-Go series offers meeting tables that will help with not only space limitations, but can give your training room a more organized layout.

Conclave Collection

When an individual seating option is needed for your conference, meeting and especially for your training rooms, the Conclave Collection is what you need. By placing the Conclave series meeting tables with ergonomic seating and any comfortable set of office furniture chairs, you are sure to create an environment ideal for learning. With the Conclave line of seating, training rooms can gain a classroom environment with multiple people or have a more intimate and one on one atmosphere in smaller spaces. Behind these meeting tables, a comfortable office chair will give whoever wants to use these desks a great space learn how to produce the glue holding your business together. Meeting tables also provide a great avenue to interact with those in the same room. Learn how to help those around you learn and buy these meeting room tables, it’s a wise investment.

Encounter Collection

The Encounter collection of business office furniture is a line of affordable office furniture that gives you the flexibility to set and compose the layout of any office training space. The Encounter line of training and meeting tables offers a clean, refined appearance at incredible pricing not easily matched by other office furniture outlets. Whether it's a classroom or conference setting, the Encounter series of business office furniture is a smart, affordable choice to place in any office or business.

Meeting Plus Collection

Mayline’s top-of-the-line training and meeting tables have been completely redesigned for a brand new look and feel while keeping the same reliable and common features of previous Mayline furniture lines. The Meeting Plus collection comes with the same great durability and technology support as previous lines and has an update look and feel that can accommodate the future changes for your space. All these features and extras from the Meeting Plus Collection reaffirm an already established product.

Spilt Level Training Tables

The Spilt Level training tables available at Ofconcepts defines accessibility and gives an intimate environment for any training session that requires a small group to be in constant contact and interaction. The Spilt Level training tables can be used with swivel desk chairs and most comfortable office chair lines found at Ofconcepts. The training room furniture available at Ofconcepts is not only of the best quality but also the best price not likely to be matched at any office furniture outlet store. The Spilt Level training table gives a round configuration and face-to-face seating that allows communication between everyone at the table.

T-Mate Collection

For the ultimate in affordability and seating access, choose The T-Mate line of business furniture for all of your training and meeting needs. The T-Mate Collection gives any office the choice to build and plan a classroom outfitted with meeting tables or stadium seating option. Unlike other lines of training room furniture, this line of training furniture can be arranged to focus the attention on a singular point in the room. The T-Mate meeting tables are set apart against other training tables by the way they share the legs between adjacent surfaces and how each desk can be connected to each other. T-Mate meeting tables have a clean, open stance that can be appreciated alongside ergonomic desk chair or mesh office chairs that any office will be glad to have.

Talon Collection

The Talon Collection of training office furniture is available for sale at Ofconcepts and for a better price than at other office furniture outlet stores. The Talon collection of training furniture and meeting tables has a wonderful feel and warmth of a dark, rich color and grain option that will put anyone using the tables at ease. Add an adjustable Ofconcepts office chair or line and completely equip your workspace with the necessary tools to drive business results.