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Office TablesOffice Tables. Waiting Room, Training, Drafting, Conference Room, Break Room and more!

Every office requires tables, and usually many different kinds of tables depending on the space. The reception area needs occasional tables to create a comfortable seating group, training rooms need space for employees to learn, and of course, large conference tables are always a must. If you are looking for waiting room furniture, conference furnishings, or anything in between, Office Furniture Concepts has what you’re looking for. Here are just a few of the different kinds of tables you will find within our pages in a wide variety of styles and designs at prices you can afford.

  • Meeting room and Training Room tables – Whether you are looking for rollaway temporary training tables or more permanent structures for your training or meeting rooms, you’ll find a great selection in many classic and contemporary styles. If you need to have a separate space to train your employees throughout the year, you will find affordable furnishings that are easy to store out of the way when you no longer need them.
  • Conference Tables – Set the tone for your next meeting with a stylish, beautiful, and spacious conference table. You will find many affordable wood veneer tables that have the look you’re going for at the prices you like the best. Conference room tables will say a lot about the professionalism of your company, so make sure that you are setting the right tone at your meetings with the right table.
  • Occasional Tables – You will find many uses for occasional tables throughout your office. Your reception area seating group will use them, as will break rooms and additional waiting areas. Executive offices also generally feature some kind of seating and occasional table setup as well.
  • Drafting Tables – Yes, we even have drafting tables for those projects that require this very specific surface. You will find that your work gets done much more efficiently on tables that are designed for this purpose.

Office Furniture Concepts carries every type of table that your office will need. Whether you need conference furnishings, or break room tables, you will find the best and most affordable tables right here on our website.

Check out all of our other fine furnishing options as well. We have been selling high quality office furnishings since 1988 and can help you get your office set up just the way you want it. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-632-8480 today. We are always pleased to answer any and all of your questions and concerns.

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