Tips for Choosing Office Furniture

Office FurnitureTips for Choosing Office Furniture

Are you getting ready to set up your new office or re-furnishing your existing one? Although it can be a stressful time, it can also be an exciting time because you have the opportunity to give your office an updated look for clients and staff. Office atmosphere is everything to anyone who walks through the doors, whether they are employees who are there daily or customers who get their first impression via the furniture and décor.

The first step is determining how much staff seating you need and whether your space is equipped for most people to have their own office or whether you need office furniture cubicles or another type of office furniture workstations. Once you have a handle on your staff’s needs you will need to consider the reception and waiting area.

You’ll need an office furniture reception desk and chair for your receptionist. Will they need a big space because they will be doing a lot of other work as well or do they just need a small desk? Are you going to equip staff with ergonomic furniture? You may want to consider chair mats as well; they help prevent rolling on hard floors and make it easier to move around on carpeted floors.

Draw everything out on a piece of paper so that you can visualize what you need and the best way to set the space up for your customers and your employees. You’ll want to determine how much seating should be available for guests in the waiting area, whether you want a television in the waiting room, how many tables should be in there, and even the lighting and wall décor. Lighting is very important to setting the ambiance in any room and pictures are always a great touch to any office, people enjoy a space that has been thoughtfully created and decorated. Remember, first impressions are everything!

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