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Computer Desks - Laptop Carts - Printer Carts

Computer carts from Office Furniture Concepts are available for virtually every computer application from tower desktops to all in one computing systems. These computer desks are great with mesh office chairs and adjustable office chairs which will give everyone in the office a comfortable and efficient work space. These stylish, affordable workstations and storage units for today's modern office are an almost necessity to get work done.

Computer Carts
A computer cart for virtually every computer application! Stylish, affordable workstation and storage units for today's Modern Office. more info
Tablet & Laptop Carts
Don't have enough space for a computer desk? Need a place to store multiple laptops or tablets? offers a wide variety of Carts and Storage to meet your needs. more info
Server Enclosures & Racks
We offer a large selection of Server Enclosures & Racks that are ideal for Server Farms and IT applications both large and small. more info
Printer Carts
We offer printer carts and accessories for educational, institutional and medical applications. more info
Sit Stand Furniture
Designed for applications where being on your feet is what the job requires, all sit stand furniture allows for adjustments as needed. more info

Laptop Carts

Don't have enough space for a computer desk, try a Laptop Cart! These rolling, small and mobile work stations allows anyone to be productive anywhere they are able use a laptop. The laptop storage carts allow your productivity devices to have a proper and steady area where everyone can work and be comfortable. In tandem with a swivel desk chair the laptop cart allows anyone to have a quick and mobile place to conduct business.

Sever Enclosure Racks

Office Furniture Concepts not only carries the best in office furniture but also server enclosure rack systems that allows your IT to have a proper and designated place for some of your most important equipment that is essential for your office. All LAN stations and server stations shown are in stock for free shipping within 3 business days from

Printer Carts

Office Furniture Concepts also carries a series of printer carts specially designed for many different makes and models of printers available from a variety of multiple different manufacturers. The mobility and adaptability of the printer carts allows anyone to move printers and document machines to areas where they would best be useful.

Sit Stand Furniture

The sit stand furniture solution for all of your specialized office and specialty needs and precisely designed job task. The height is adjustable for the sit/stand carts and it offer great flexibility for every application that needs to complete at the office.