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School Furniture

Being both durable, easy to use and move and comfortable, the education and classroom oriented pieces of furniture that will accommodate any child or even adults. The classroom furniture available at Office Furniture Concepts will fit into your budget while exceeding all of your expectations. The Education furniture available at Office Furniture Concepts is not likely to be found at national office furniture stores or even commercial and bulk suppliers. Unlike some office furniture suppliers and office furniture outlets, we understands not every order will be for a business setting and carries different lines and types of classroom and education furniture.

Tables for Every School and Office Need

Screenflex Movable Panels

Room Dividers

Having the right make up and layout to any office can expedite and give an additional boost to your employees by having better communication between employees and an ease of movement throughout the office. Having a great partition solution and pieces can give your office furniture cubicles a great look to go along with your computer office chair that will give any employee a great and comfortable place to work. The right amount of ScreenFlex moveable panels will give you the right amount of privacy while not impeding light and overhead space for generous airflow throughout the office. Leave it to the ScreenFlex Moveable panel system to give you the best layout for your unique office needs, whatever they may be.

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Cafeteria Tables
We offer a great selection of High-Quality Tables from name brand manufacturers such as OFM and National Public Seating. All items are Quality Engineered to guarantee your safety. Many sizes and colors are available. Most items are In Stock for Quick Delivery. more info
Early Childhood
As an authorized dealer for Balt Products, we are proud to offer a complete line of Tables, Chairs, Display Boards, Chalkboards and Storage Products that are ideal for Daycare Facilities, Pre-Schools, Elementary Schools and Secondary Schools. more info
Library Furniture
If there is any one manufacturer that knows Library Furniture it is Hale Mfg, located in Herkimer, NY. Hale has been manufacturing wood bookcases and modular library furniture for over a century. Hale is known as the industry standard for Library Furniture. No job is too big or too small. Let us help you achieve your design goals within your budget. more info
Music Department
If you are looking to outfit a music room or auditorium stage, National Public Seating (NPS) is the manufacturer that has it all. NPS has stocked for Quick Delivery Stackable Music Chairs, Music Stands, Stages and Seated Risers and Standing Choral Risers. With school budgets getting tighter and tighter, NPS is a great choice for value and quality. more info
Science Lab
Looking to fit out a Science Lab? We offer a wide selection of Science Tables and Stools. Many table sizes are available with either durable High Pressure or Phenolic Tops that withstand Extreme Chemical Abrasion and Stain Resistance. Our professional consultants are available to help you plan your next Science Lab. more info

Cafeteria Tables

A nice, functional and comfortable place to eat is what most people look forward to during the day and we carry not only office dining solutions but also cafeteria tables for educational settings and schools. The Cafeteria tables available from Ofconcepts are expected not only easily maintained but also durable and long lasting for multiple years of use and sometimes abuse from a number of different sources. A great and durable cafeteria table will allow anyone to maximize their budget and buy additional chairs and seating to complement the tables. Ofconcepts is a great place to buy office furniture but also other types of furniture.

Early Childhood

The first day in school stands out in the mind of just about everyone from children to parents and everyone who is part of it. Having the appropriate and the best furniture for this occasion begins by selecting from the assortment of early childhood and kindergarten furniture from Ofconcepts. The small size appropriate chairs and desk will make any nervous first time student more at ease and ready to dive right into this new experience. The right classroom storage, easels, boards, tables, and many other types of classroom necessities at the same and lower rates as the other lines of affordable office furniture.

Library Furniture

A soft, quite, and functional place to fall back on and to study is often appreciated in any study space especially in a library. The right type of furniture in the right setting will give peace of mind and a clean and clear slate to input all the info that is in front of you. Instead of using regular office reception chairs in your library, we have appropriate library furniture that will comfortably seat any studious person ready to learn. Library furniture available at Ofconcepts will give the feel of modern office chairs for the most comfortable and quite spot for anyone who needs to study.

Music Department Furniture

Composing music is something that requires the right room and also the right furniture. We keep that in mind and provides musicians and students alike to give the best furniture for that synchronize with not only the music setting but also gives everyone a place to compose and play music in comfort. Music room furniture from Ofconcepts is different from stacking office chairs and other types in furniture because it is made specifically for music rooms. Ofconcepts carries not only music stack chairs, but also stands, dollies, risers, and much more

Science Lab Furniture

With harsh chemicals and other materials that are sometimes passed around in a science lab, durable and resilient chairs and tables are needed. Ofconcepts carries tough and durable science and laboratory furniture for all your testing, research or lab activities and projects. Science lab dedicated tables and chairs found at Ofconcepts will survive just about anything thrown at it. Dissection, chemistry projects and normal class work is easily handled by these furniture pieces. The lab tables & stools for your science classroom are readily available and at prices not found at wholesalers and even other office furniture outlets.