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Home Office Furniture Collections

Purchasing and buying Home Office Furniture from Office Furniture Concepts ( gives any home office the chance to not only acquire the tools and means to run a successful home office that will give your home office the equipment to build for the future. The numerous lines of home office furniture available on Office Furniture Concepts ( can give any office setting whether it is in a commercial space or a home office setting will make anyone into the productive and efficient worker with the tools to succeed and achieve all their goals.

The home office lines of affordable office furniture range from the classic, traditional ant timeless office desk that compliments leather office furniture perfectly to the avant-garde, modern and contemporary furniture well suited for today’s home office electronic devices.

Compact Home Office
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The Antigua line of home office furniture is a sophisticated and has a subdued yet casual island styling and feel that offers a deep rich wood grain to give off a vibrant and cool look. The Antigua line of home office furniture is a complete collection that can be made to fit a variety of demands and environments and can match up well with other leather office furniture pieces and other styles of wood home office chair lines that will give your office a well put together look for any office space. The deep rich and warm tones the Antigua line has the light airy feel needed for the brightest and most visible of office spaces.


The Balmoor series of home office furniture is available at Ofconcepts at better prices than in other office furniture outlets. The Balmoor line of office furniture captures the richness, deep rich look and elegance of the European traditional wood and molding design with the old world styling commonly seen on antique European wood office desk. The Balmoor line has dark, heavy and intricate moldings that give not only the old world style but also gravity and an atmosphere for serious upfront office setting. Whether it is in a traditional office space or in a designed home office space, the Balmoor series will set the tone for whatever your home office is engaged in.

Rue De Lyon

Inspired by the Louis-Philippe strong and emphatic design the Rue de Lyon line of home office furniture caries great and detailed moldings and designs that echo the past styles and detail oriented office desk of the old world studies and boardrooms. The Rue de Lyon home office furniture line expertly blends old world styling and modern functionality for the everyday use in a normal office setting and even in your home office. The Rue De Lyons offers the rich and dark grain look of heavy and ancient woods while still giving off the options for not only functional but also for adaptability with today’s modern office electronics. This line of home office furniture can give the appropriate feel and air for your home office that will not be easily forgotten.

Compact Home Office

Space and the efficient use of it in any setting whether it is in a commercial office or a home office setting is always at a premium and any home office furniture that accomplishes the best use of space is high sought after. Keeping that in mind Ofconcepts carries compact home office furniture that work well with adjustable home office chairs and regular office desk chairs. The Eastwinds line of office furniture is a collection of stylish, affordable office furniture workstations and storage units that utilizes all the space available for today's high demand offices and workspaces. With the best use of space that does not leave one wanting for space, the Eastwinds line of home office furniture is a great solution to any space problems.